Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the pricing for your meal prep services? 

Pricing is based on the meal prep plan chosen. You can select these items in our SHOP tab or you can "build your own" plan. 

I have food allergies what do I do? 

If you are allergic to anything food or have any dietary restrictions please contact us immediately via email at

Where is the Pick-Up locations? 

There is a ten minute grace period of pick up. Which is strictly enforced. As we have to get to the next pick up location.

4:20pm BJ's (pickup hub) on Camp Creek 

5:15pm Cumberland 

5:30pm Stone Crest 

6:30pm Atlantic Station 

You will be sent a text message confirmation.   

What if I can not make it to the pick up location at the selected time? 

Notify management as soon as possible to discuss other arrangements. 

Can I change my pick up location the day of pickup? 

Pick up location can be changed the same day. However not with in a hour of pick time.  

Do You Deliver? 

No, we no longer offer delivery. Effective as of May 14, 2021. Notice did go out. 

Monthly Packages 

All monthly packages are to be used within 60 days of purchase. As noted on the detail and check out page.